James Maberly has been travelling the country giving talks about his book. He has also travelled to Zimbabwe to deliver talks around aspects of the book. The subject matter is of broad interest and has received great support. 

James Maberly speaking at Framlingham College

James Maberly speaking at Framlingham College

If you would like James to come and speak, please contact him at the address below. He has recently given talks on the future of Zimbabwe and the art of Enlightened Dialogue. 

Talks specifically for schools (6th form)

The western world is engaged in an educational revolution at present with many suggesting the current education system is no longer fit for purpose. Some schools are already shifting whilst others are firmly rooted in the old tradition. Caught in the middle of course, are the children. The challenge for young people is that they now have at their fingertips extraordinary resources in order to move their lives forward - the challenge is, do they have the level of self belief and self trust in order to do so? James Maberly's talks both encourage and challenge in equal measure, stimulating important internal and external debate around these issues.

  • Now you’re educated – what next? – Questions about you. Questions about the future.
  • Co-operation or discord – which do you choose? - An enlightened look at how you can model the future.


If you would like James Maberly to give a talk on his book or on any of the subjects covered by the book, please contact him at the following email address.

jambomabs (at) gmail (dot) com.

James recently spoke at a Mining Investment Conference in London about the extraordinary potential in Zimbabwe over the coming years, despite concerns that the country is economically imploding.

He also encourages the large mining groups to take real cognizance of the people who live on the land surrounding their mining concessions. He suggests engaging them in Deep Dialogue as these people and their views matter. Building relationships with these people is critically important as is establishing ways of assisting them in such a way that it enhances their futures and those of their children.



“Thank you for your very interesting talk to the staff at the beginning of term. I am very grateful for your comments, the opportunity to share your ideas, and your support”.

The Master, Brandeston Hall, Suffolk

“Thank you very much for the excellent talk you gave to the Lower and Upper Sixth Forms here at the college. They are still referring to it a week later, so it definitely made an impact…..”

Clive Thorpe, Framlingham College

“Thank you so much for speaking to the Sixth Form this morning. You were able to pitch your excellent material at exactly the right level, and their response was all we could have wished.”

Mark Mitchell, Woodbridge School

“…he has a considerable gift for turning sometimes complex issues into their simplest form, by illustration and anecdote; in his gentle but effective and amusing style……He researches his subject well and talks with fluency, easily commanding interest…”

J.N. Bloomfield FRSA

Past Chairman of the East Anglian Region, The Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)

“James is an excellent and confident speaker….who not only entertains but educates with his talks which covered many aspects of life, made topical as a result of his own experiences, during what has been and continues to be a very full, varied and interesting life.”

Ernest Patterson FCIT, Chief Executive, ADI Group of Companies, Heathrow

It's less about DOING and more about BEING