" This is quite simply a great book...I recommend this book very highly."

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Life changing  questions to ask yourselves

Why do we follow rules and organised systems so blindly and so willingly? 

Why do so many of us draw our sense of worth from the opinions of others rather than from ourselves?

Why do we ignore the most important resource we will ever have: our intuition?

Through a series of eight questions, you are invited to consider these points and to embrace this extraordinary ability that we all possess. Now more than ever we need original thinkers unconstrained by standards, rules and conventional thinking.

It’s time to reflect, and to reconnect with the one person who can make it all happen - you.


Watch the Promotional video for the book and the associated project distributing books to young people in Zimbabwe.

James Maberly intends to distribute 1000 copies of this book to youngsters across Zimbabwe to help them recognise that they are not condemned to be victims under the oppressive rule of the present Government under President Robert Mugabe. More about this on the 'CHARITY' page.


What people have said about the book so far:

"... this is a brilliant book. I'll be recommending it to a lot of my co-conspirators in creative spheres...." 

Seymour Jacklin – Author, editor and blogger 

"...I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book...." 

Amanda Taylor 

"I finally finished reading your book, it is excellent! I have told many friends and family members to read it. You are an excellent author." 

Vicki Robb 

“Thank you for writing this book. It gave me much food for thought and was one of a few books which had me taking out selected quotes to mull over later. An enlightening read, thanks James.” 

Cathy Buckle – Author and Columnist 

“An excellent read, entertaining, very wise and thoughtful.” 

Tom Benyon OBE, Director, ZANE Zimbabwe A National Emergency

" This is quite simply a great book...I recommend this book very highly."

Ralph Lewis - Leadership Consultant

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There are also courses relating to the Eight Critical Questions that can be taken both online and on location. Please check the 'courses' page and contact us if you would like to organise courses or to participate. 

"Intuition is the birth place of all original thought."