Chapter 17

Joanna Jones – an artist with a difference

Joanna Jones - photo by Caspar Krabo

Joanna Jones - photo by Caspar Krabo

Joanna Jones’s work is delightful. Visit her website for a broader span of her work. What is remarkable about Joanna and the work she does is that she paints with her body. She works with large canvases and manipulates the paint (which she mixes herself) around the canvas with her body. the results are truly amazing.

Pharos Art published a book about her work which is available and detailed at this link


Chapter 18

Becky Overy-Owen - Flying high after the fall

Becky Overy Owen

Becky Overy Owen

Becky Over Owen is a truly remarkable lady who has overcome many challenges in her life. I have nothing but admiration for her and the way in which her life has moved on. Her work as an artist is a joy to see and I have posted several examples below. I am most grateful to her for allowing me to interview her for the book.


The above work is by Becky Overy-Owen, a remarkable lady with a great future.


Chapter 19

Conclusion – Where to now?

Intuitive landscape made with found objects by Jillifar Amor

Intuitive landscape made with found objects by Jillifar Amor

The purpose of this book has been to offer a new way of thinking about ourselves in a rapidly shifting world. There are many changes occurring and how we deal with them and move forward is critically important. It demands a new perception by those who are willing to stand up, think differently and lead the world forward.

Marcia Schafer MBA runs a company called ‘Beyond Zebra’ ® and details of her work can be found here . She has an extraordinary insight into how world patterns are changing as we move forward into the future.


Final Word

What I sincerely believe is that if you recognise the power and wisdom of your intuitive self you will begin to relax into who you really are and become less dependent upon external verification, perceptions and  needs. By revisiting all seven of the COT questions and assessing which offer the greatest areas of improvement for you, you will find a way of stepping out across the threshold of the tunnel with greater confidence and move forward into a life of genuine purpose, meaning and originality. There will no longer be a need to have two sets of values, one for work and one for Sunday best. Your life will not be one of simply DOING. It will be much more about BEING and Richard Branson’s perception of the future will resonate. As Branson said, “Never has there been a more exciting time for all of us to explore this great next frontier where the boundaries between work and purpose are merging into one, where doing good, really is good for business.”

Through effective leadership and genuine encouragement, more people will become inspired to do the same. You will become the match bearers, those who light up the way for others as they move forward on their own individual and inspiring journeys.

I wish you well.