Chapter 15

Scott Russell – from jewellery repair to multi-millionaire

Herewith the link to the Paddy and Scotts website

Scott Russell.2013.JPG

Paddy Bishopp and Scott Russell are just two guys who share a passion for great coffee. Paddy used to own a wonderful café which was voted The Best Deli/Café in Suffolk and harboured a longing desire to roast his own coffee. Scott, on the other hand spent 10 years working in London, a devoted coffee aficionado, before they literally stumbled over each other during a five-a-side football match!

An article about Scott Russell  in the East Anglian Daily Times 

A quote from the interview;

“The people who run my businesses are all individually better than me – genuinely. Paddy & Scott’s is full of great people – Chris Thompson is a really strong managing director and keeps the whole team in check, including me, the sales and marketing guys are unbelievable and Paddy is one of the most charismatic, enthusiastic guys I have ever worked with, he’s like the pied piper, women love him, men love him but most importantly, buyers love him, he’s got that Hugh Grant character about him that everyone loves. I learnt at a young age, working with great people makes you look good.”

Chapter 16

Francois Le Roux - the ‘HA!Man’

An intuitive musician who inspires others to recognise the music within them



The HA!Man Workshops in Spontaneous Creativity have been presented all over the world for the past 14 years with a deep universal dimension that facilitated much needed self discovery and community development for thousands of participants - from pre-schoolers, school and college students, adults, specialized music and performance groups, mentally and physically disabled persons, adult groups, organizations, festivals, conferences and companies. Travelling alongside the HA!Man Show, it often works in tandem, giving the participants a chance to perform publicly. Partner Joke Debaere is now entering this arena too with her experience in and gift for verbal expression.

The first video above is a promotional video for  the Ha!man, Francois Le Roux and gives a picture of the breadth of his abilities.  In the second, Francois improvises on the Cello along with organist Paul De Maeyer in the Saint Niklaas Kerk in Gent, Holland, May 2010.


In this video, Francois plays in a concert in Kansas City, USA  in 2008 as part of a South African benefit concert.